Finger Lakes ReUse and the Community Quilting Resource Center

About This Auction

Local quilt maker, collector, and longtime community supporter Peggy Dunlop has generously committed a beautiful collection of over 100 quilts and more to support the establishment of a Community Quilting Resource Center (CQRC), in partnership with Finger Lakes ReUse. 

Bid on quilts and wall hangings here to support Finger Lakes ReUse and the upcoming Community Quilting Resource Center.

There are 31 Pieces to bid on, displayed throughout Triphammer Marketplace (2255 N Triphammer Rd) and one additional quilt at the Ithaca ReUse Center (214 Elmira Rd).

Commercial quilts and tablecloths for sale too at ReUse Community Hardware in Triphammer Marketplace!

Questions? Contact Brigid Hubberman,

Finger Lakes ReUse (ReUse) is a charitable 501 (c)(3) organization that helps reduce waste, fosters community, and creates living wage jobs and skill-building opportunities. With two locations in Ithaca NY that accept most kinds of local materials, ReUse reduces waste, relieves poverty & teaches job skills through engaging reuse activities. 

Simple actions, major impact.
From manufacturing to disposal, every part of a product’s life cycle leads to greenhouse gas emissions and contributes to climate change. Ithaca’s two ReUse Centers keep hundreds of thousands of items out of landfills every year—and we’re working hard to expand our capabilities.

Low cost, high impact purchases.
By transforming material donations into local revenue, ReUse reduces disposal costs community-wide, provide low-cost goods, and keep consumer dollars in the local economy. Our ReUse Materials Access Program also gives back locally, providing ReUse store credit to those facing crisis. 
Working for a good cause.
A living wage employer with 45 employees, ReUse operates ReSET, a free job training program offering two paths to employment—information technology or sales and customer service with a goal to connect participants to permanent
employment locally. After ReSET, alums can also apply for competitive full-time paid apprenticeships

Leading the way toward waste-free.
We’re working hard to advocate for reuse here in Tompkins County, and nationwide. Your donations and purchases support local waste-reduction programs like the Ithaca Fixers Collective, where community members share skills and resources for repairing household items.